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Content Development

Not to be confused with web development or web design, content development solely concentrates on creating content for websites, blog posts, social posts and advertisements for both web and print. This includes not only writing content, but also strategizes publishing and promotion.

Content development professionals.

Processes of Content Development

Content development is an essential process in achieving your specific business goals.

We can help you and your business create content to achieve short-term and long-term success.

Set Goals
Short & Long Term

Setting goals is the first and most crucial step in content development. It’s important to know what your expectations are to truly maximize the outcome. Business goals such as improving customer experiences, product education, ingraining current customer loyalty, building targeted audience trust are just a few key factors to keep in mind when determining your goals.

Identify your
target audience

It’s important to know who we will be targeting. The ability to target specific audiences creates a highly trusted resource for that targeted segment. We dig deep to create buyer personas that allow you to target exactly who it is you are wanting to build a strong and trusting relationship with.

What makes you different?

Companies spend lots of time and resources targeting their audiences in various ways. The key to standing out is not only using the latest methods and best practices, it’s also finding your company voice and brand direction.

Being you, sets you apart from your competitors!

Focusing on success

Measure your effectiveness


Long term success depends on many factors but choosing the correct metrics allow you to measure successful campaigns as well as alter the ones that fall short. Choosing where to focus your attention is critical in successful content.

Content Strategy

The 3 pillars of content strategy are the idea stage, the writing stage and the optimization stage. These 3 processes are necessary for proper targeted content. Creatives City strives to give proper detail to all steps of the content development process.

Generate Ideas

Generating content ideas is more than just making up things we think might work. It’s about learning what captivates your audiences as well as what is working and not working for your competitors. This is the stage most get lost in but a true plan makes this the most exciting!


From true long-form content to short and sweet campaigns. Writing content is an awareness of customer bases, targeted audiences, campaign metrics, your product and the ability to portray that all into your brand messaging. It is truly being engaged with all facets of the content development cycle.


Optimizing content for search can assure true organic metrics as well aid in paid campaigns. On page optimization allows for proper online preparation for your targeted audience while still maintaining the message and feeling to captivate your reader. Creating the best content can be lost if it is not optimized for your website.

we're here to help

Let us help you reach your goals

Content development is a long term strategy and initiative that never ends. We work with you to build the framework needed for you to succeed. Let us help you create an editorial calendar to maintain a constant publishing schedule along with creating and publishing content from end to end.